Leslie Reed
Master Club

I have been selling Real estate for the past 15 years now going on my 16th year. Thats experience speaks volumes when it come to:

1. Finding an Agent
2. Your sucess in the Sale of your Home.
3. Your experience while selling your home.

Just like anything in life experience makes you a better at your job, with any job. So when you hire an experienced Agent you should be in for a smoother ride, better advice, and that Agents experience should guide you to a more successful sale. 

I find with Real Estate not everyone considers WHO they hire totally before hiring an Agent. Many hire a friend not considering that this purchase is likely the LARGEST Sale/Experience you will make for your family and your life, not even considering how much money this will cost you. So why would you not Hire a Professional with the most experience??

In Placer County we presently have 3,712 Agents active in Real Estate with Placer County Association of Realtors.  Of those Realtors, 7 out of 10 of those Agents sell less than 3 homes a year. Did you know this??

When hiring an Agent to trust with your largest investment in your life, why would you not hire someone with the experience you need for the best result?? I wonder this daily. In Selling homes for the past 15 years those of us who do this Full time, can tell you that one of the hardest parts of our job is dealing with the other Realtor.  The lack of experience and/or knowledge can lead to bad advice, inaccurate advice, and also can kill your deal.  

So I ask you ...  in hiring a Realtor to represent you, would you not want to hire a professional, with lots of experience, that can not only guide you to make good decisions, but also help you during your Sale? 

I just assk that you include me in your Top 3 Agents, when attempting to sell your Home.

I not only can show you how I have successfully Sold well over 200 homes in my career, but also have received Top Dollar for my Sellers because of my professional background and training in the Real Estate field, of over 35 years. I look forward to adding you to one of my many successful Home Sales and satisfied Clients.  Give me a call today and find out what I can do for you!