Leslie Reed
Master Club
I help Sellers each year prior to Listing and also just those needing to update their homes as they have become outdated with age.  I will be listing a few of these homes with before and after photos, so you can see first hand what I an assist you in. 

I always tell my clients never hire a Contractor you don't know. I Supervised three Teams for the Golden 1 Credit Union, for 4 years. There are items you would never think of yourself that are necesary to protect yourself and your time. Working with someone as myself that has experience can save you not only money but headaches. My first year representing the Golden 1, I Sold 57 homes. Believe me when I say I can handle your business and demands. 

For a very nominal fee I can assist you with selection of colors, new design, present trends to avoid or select, and bring in the bids for you. You do not know who to call and how much (or with me, how little) to pay, but I do. These are contractors that you will not find unless you know who they are. For just 1% of the job cost - I will do it fr you. 

In other words I can run the job for you so you can rest assured and know that you have someone experienced to make sure everything is done correctly. I work with General Contractors to Licensed Handymen and Landscapers, so I can connect you with who is best for your job. 

Give me a call today and we can meet up and start you on your way. I can tell you I have completed many jobs for a fraction of the cost, by just conecting the right men for the job, knowing where to shop for supplies, places you have never heard of I guarentee you!  Let my expertise go to work for you. 

I am just building this site in between business so check back often for more photos and information. Thanks!

Before and After photos of some of my Design/Remodel work:

Crystal Court
Home and Kitchen Remodel







Elvenden Way Home Remodel








Laird Remodel


Val Verde Remodel

     BEFORE the Kitchen Remodel
     DURING the Kitchen Remodel

     AFTER the Kitchen Remodel


Topaz Bath Remodel





Hello there... Thanks for popping by! I would like to share with you some amazing work I have enjoyed helping my clients with. I enjoy helping my Clients achieve the MOST for their Investments by doing simple improvements on their homes prior to Selling them. Here are some examples of some of these homes. 
I have done close to 200 in my career, fixers to Multi-Million Dollar Homes. If your home needs Updating and you are considering a Sale... I am the Realtor for you. Minimal investment, for big pay off. Most my Clients spend $5K to most $20K and make at least $100K to $150K more in return. I run the jobs for you, hire the contractors, choose the work to be done and supervise and insure all done correctly and to your satisfaction. We have had great results and happy Sellers and Buyers as well. 

Give me a call today and allow me to show you the difference I can make for your home!